How to make a statement with your kitchen: Industrial Bar Stools

The current trend is industrial for good reason because of the balance and continuity it adds to the overall theme and feel of the kitchen. The industrial barstools you select can also be interpreted as an attempt to impress and to introduce color into an otherwise very simple and neutral setting.

With so many designs and selections out there on the market, how can you be assured that the industrial barstool you choose will satisfy you long term? Our industrial barstools at Wanderlust Gallerie are not only the most sought-after designs but handmade by skilled artisans in India, who pay particular attention to detail, using the highest quality iron and wood.

When you purchase an industrial barstool from Wanderlust Gallerie, you are not only buying a piece of furniture that complements your kitchen, but a piece of art sculpted by hand, giving it added significance and value.

Being confident and comfortable with your purchase is what we believe at Wanderlust Gallerie and it is an added benefit to know the back story of the product you are going to be using for
years to come. Not only will you be able to tell your guests and friends that the industrial barstool they are sitting on isn’t an average piece of furniture, but a piece made by a craftsman thousands of miles away in a place called Jodhpur, India who prides themselves with making handmade home goods people fall in love with and cherish over time.

Please browse through our handpicked selection of industrial barstools. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the designs and craftsmanship as much as we do.