The three basic tips on how to decorate your home in Industrial Farmhouse

The Three Basic Tips On How to Decorate Your Home in Industrial Farmhouse

The words “Industrial Farmhouse” should conjure up the image of a rustic space with an edge. It will be an inviting space with lots of wood, metal, and an ever-present white. But don’t ever think of it as cold—it’s a warm space that uses color sparingly and smartly.

You don’t have to live in an actual farmhouse to create the look and feel of this design, nor do you have to cover your walls with wood-siding or do away with your favorite pieces of art. The Industrial Farmhouse look combines the best of both styles with the casual rustic nature of the farmhouse with the modern, sleek elements of the industrial. Then, when your own personal touches of color are thrown in, the room is transformed.

How to Transform Your Space

Find the right pieces

You still need to go with your own needs, and taste for the space. Not all rustic or “farmhouse” pieces will be right for your space. Look for different materials, different woods, and pieces that might have a combination of wood and metal—pieces that already marry of the two designs. Also look for pieces that have been whitewashed, as these have the rustic charm without the heaviness of too much wood. Then, add some metal—you can do this subtly through the light fixtures you choose, or more boldly by finding a coffee table made out of repurposed metal.

The Three Basic Tips On How to Decorate Your Home in Industrial Farmhouse

Add traditional charm

In order to not go too industrial, add some traditional elements that can be found in patterns and colors of fabric choices. Find colors that offset the wood, metal, and white, and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.

The Three Basic Tips On How to Decorate Your Home in Industrial Farmhouse

Look to the past to pull it all together

What really makes a space yours, is your own personal history, as well as items from our shared history, like a wooden pew from an old church, or corrugated metal watering can convert into a place for flowers. Find those pieces that speak to you, that tell a little bit about your history, and then use them to tie the space together