1. You Will Feel More Confident in Your Choice

Buying a cowhide rug can be a major investment so you want to make sure that you are getting a high-quality piece that will withstand the test of time. In Brazil, the top manufacturers use special chrome salts and oils in the tanning process to ensure the highest quality and softest hides.

Knowing exactly where your cowhide is coming from can also allay any ethical concerns about animal cruelty in the making of your rug. The cowhide industry only uses skin from cows who were raised for meat and milk. When cows are farmed for meat and dairy products, the skin is a natural by-product that would go to waste if it wasn’t recycled into rugs and other items. It will give you peace of mind to know that a cow wasn’t killed so you could have an area rug in your dining room. In Brazil, the cows are also raised and cared for in better, more humane conditions as well.

Three Reasons Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are Perfect for your Home Black

2. Your Rug Will Last for Generations

Your children and your children’s children will love having a special item passed down from you. Cowhide rugs make great family heirlooms that is why it is so important to buy a high-quality cowhide rug from Brazil. They are easy to take care of and very durable holding up against even busy household traffic.

Luckily, cowhide rugs are pretty low maintenance. For general care, you simply just need to vacuum them on a regular basis. If you by accident spill something on the rug, simply use a dry cloth to wipe it up. Make sure you wipe in the same direction of the hairs. For harder spills, you can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

Three Reasons Brazilian Cowhide Rugs are Perfect for Your Home - Brown

3. Brazilian Cowhides Add a Touch of Sophistication

Because of the soft, suppleness of the skin and the richness of the colors of Brazilian cowhides, these rugs connote luxury and sophistication. You will certainly impress family and friends with this choice. Imagine a reading chair and a cowhide rug tucked into the corner of your master bedroom or one laid out in front of the fire in the living room. You will feel like your home belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Brazilian cowhides are also very versatile. You are probably seeing it pop up as much in contemporary, modern homes as you do it more country styled spaces. A cowhide rug can soften a room filled with metal and glass and can add a little whimsy to a black and white kitchen. Use it as a wall tapestry or as a throw blanket.

Another great thing about cowhide rugs is that because each cow has a unique hide that means no one else will have the exact same rug you have. Even twin cows have a slightly different pattern. If you love to be unique, then a cowhide rug can really help you put a personal stamp on the room.

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